PayPal Security Upgrades

Secured By PayPal

Protecting customer information is RipBeat’s top priority. We keep our product up-to-date with the latest features that allow us to keep your data secured.

This week we updated our product to match PayPal 2016 merchant security upgrades. The changes were highly technical and there is nothing you need to do for them to apply but we wanted to let you know of these changes as part of our continuous commitment to the highest standard on data encryption and security.

In a nutshell we made sure our SSL certificate is upgraded to SHA-256 as well as we are using TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1. We were already doing all post backs to PayPal using HTTPS.

Again, you won’t notice any change on our service due to this upgrade other than knowing your data is more secure than ever and we are matching the highest standards. To offer this type of quality in the security front is important for us.

Thanks for being part of our community.

RipBeat team.

Month of March Songs



These are the songs added to RipBeat during the month of March.

Thanks for these wonderful songs.

RipBeat Team

Suggested Tutorials


Today we launched a pretty cool and useful feature: Suggested Tutorials.

As part of our effort to increase songs discoverability, some weeks ago we launched the ability of browsing our piano library by categories, that allowed us to bring back to your fingertips piano tutorials that were uploaded a long time ago and that were hard to discover.

This week we are improving even more the discoverability of our songs by listing related tutorials alongside our piano player. As soon as you open any page on RipBeat you will notice a new bar on the right side of the player. On top we show the song you are playing and right below we list up to 7 other songs that are somehow related to the playing song. We call them “Suggested Tutorials”.

Suggested tutorials are determined by approximation to the title of the playing song. If you are playing a song by One Direction or by Beethoven, we will list other songs by that composer or artist, but as we look at all words on the title of the playing song, if it has the word “Kiss” we will also present you with other songs that contain the word kiss on their title. That way we generate a mixed list of song allowing us to bring back a diverse list of tutorials.

In some cases you won’t see a list of suggested tutorials. That happens when there is no match for any word contained on the title of the playing song. That is why we kept the paging by categories at the bottom of the player, so that you can find other songs as you used to do in the pass.

Something else noticeable is that now the page containing the player is wider as we had to accommodate the right column with the suggested tutorials. This gives you a better usage of your screen real state as you have more information easier to access still keeping a clean design.

We hope you are surprised with the many titles you will discover now you didn’t know we had in our library.

Have fun learning.

RipBeat team.

Demo Page


This week we moved our demo song from the home page to its own dedicated page. From now on you can visit our demo song at

We created a dedicated demo page for you to have the same experience when playing any song at RipBeat, it doesn’t matter if it is a demo, a trial or a song you are playing using your subscription, playing a song will happen in a page that looks the same.

Also we received the feedback that the player in the home page looked like an image so people didn’t know they could interact with it. It looked more like the screenshot of what the player would look like after been installed. We tried to address this confusion by adding tooltips to our player telling people to click on the play button. Also the home page asked people to click and interact with the player, but that seems not to be enough. Moving the demo song to its dedicated page is another step on adding clarity to the fact that our piano player runs on the web, that our customers don’t need to install any app, but just a browser and an internet connection is enough to enjoy RipBeat player.

There was one more change we made as part of this release. We updated the intro banner on the top of the player to better describe how to use RipBeat. In that banner now we reinforce the idea of playing using a connected keyboard: “Connect your piano”, “Play a piano tutorial” and “Match the falling blocks” are the three steps shown in our intro and is all needed to have fun and a great learning experience using our product.

Offering a simplified experience is important to us and that was our goal when executing on this release.


RipBeat team

Player New Theme


We are launching this week a brand new theme for the RipBeat player. We were running with a blue theme for a while now and it was time for a refresh. Besides we had suggestions on going into a gray/black tone would make the player looks modern and stylish. So, it was time for us to change.

After playing with different colors, shades, tints and gradients we landed a new theme that we love. This new theme gives a better contrast to the blocks when moving through the roll so they look sharper. Also in full screen the player looks smoother making the playing experience better.

But we didn’t stop at the colors, we also rounded the edges of the blocks. Actually we made them all rounded when they are small or ovals when they are longer. These new rounded blocks make the player look also modern.

In summary, we have a new player for you that we hope you will love as much as we do. But your opinion is the one that counts, so let us know.

Have fun playing.

RipBeat team.

Browsing Piano Tutorials

Song Cover

Yesterday we released another feature request that make us very happy to put on our customer’s hands: Piano tutorial browsing by categories.

We started with “Newest”, “Most Popular” and “Random Pick” categories but we will be adding and removing categories as we get feedback on the existing ones.

“Newest” works as the whole piano tutorial browsing worked on the pass, showing the tutorials in chronological orders starting with the latest added song.

“Most Popular” is showing the piano tutorials that customers are playing the most. The formula behind picking the most popular consists on ordering the songs based on how many times they have been played. Besides we value how many times the tutorials have been viewed but that value is reset back to the number of times the song has been played after a couple of days. The idea behind also using viewed times consists on making this list more dynamic and also assumes that a tutorial that is viewed several times should have a high number of players. That is why resetting back to number of times played should level the list moving down those songs that although received a lot of views are not played that much.

And finally “Random Pick”. This last category tries to give visibility to those tutorials that are hidden in our library, songs that were uploaded a long time ago and that few people reach. Using this category, we can present in our home page those songs and increase their discoverability. The logic behind this picking as its name says is pure random, so every time you visit RipBeat you most likely see a complete different list of songs there.

With this feature we expect to make our home page more dynamic allowing you to discover new songs on every visit.

Let us know what you think.


RipBeat team.

Investing in SEO


Search Engine Optimization investments are vital for the success of any business. That is what allows any business to show among the first results at search engines like Google or Bing when customers search for relevant terms for the business.

Implementing these optimizations require making the site structure to be friendly to both the customers and the search engines, so that customers have a great experience on the site and the search engines find all the relevant terms on it.

Today we are launching a Search Engine Optimization effort to improve our presence on the web. Our goal is to be more relevant so that more customers can enjoy our product. This is a long journey we are starting today. Landing organic results on the first page of any search engine is not easily achieved as the web is crowded with sites and products. It requires a long-term commitment on adding value and letting our customers to know via blogs, social media, etc. But we are all into this effort, so you will start noticing our presence on the web in the coming months.

How you can help? Share our songs, comment about us, if you like one of our piano tutorials let your friends to know. We and the entire RipBeat community will appreciate it.

See you online.

RipBeat team.